Science nerd? Surfer? With THIS, you could be both!

Science nerd? Surfer? With THIS, you could be both!

Surfing a wave while helping the planet? Yes, you heard it right!

A group of scientists created a surfboard fin that measures multiple ocean parameters like wave characteristics, location, and water temperature.

The small piece of surf gear collects valuable data about the oceans of the world, as the surfboard glides across the waves. The goal is to understand how seawater is changing, and how we can reverse climate change.

The Smartfin is a surf fin like many others. However, it features a built-in accelerometer, GPS device, and temperature sensor. After each surf session, data is transferred to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Surfers equipped with this high-tech will be contributing to global ocean research and sharing precious information with the worldwide scientific community.

Although there are already many scientific instruments collecting data offshore and in the open ocean, it is still difficult to gather data in the nearshore environment.

In the end, surfers are literally making science while having fun !